Individual Desserts

Death by Chocolate

Buttery chocolate brownie base with milk chocolate mousse, dark chocolate frosting and golden chocolate lattice


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Buttery sticky toffee pudding with apples and caramel.


Apple Tart Tatin

Apples baked with butter and spices on puff pastry.


White Chocolate Mousse Brownie

Buttery brownie with creamy white chocolate mousse.


Dark Chocolate Mousse Brownie

Buttery brownie with creamy dark chocolate mousse.


Double Chocolate Brownie

Buttery brownie with rich chocolate frosting and diablo chocolate square.


Chocolate Heavens

Rich chocolate brownie with dark chocolate ganache, raspberry preserve, fresh raspberries and chocolate diablo square.


Tuxedo Mousse

Dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse and dark chocolate glaze and white chocolate lattice.


Butter Tarts

Melt in your mouth butter crust filled with rich butter and raisin filling


Carrot Cake Slice

Irresistible carrot cake garnished with vanilla cream cheese frosting and toasted almonds.


Chocolate Raspberry Bomb

Creamy chocolate mousse with raspberry preserve, chocolate cake, glazed in dark chocolate ganache and dusted in gold.


Paris Brest

Light choux filled with Madagascar vanilla cream, drizzled with dark chocolate and toasted almonds.


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