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We welcome Elementary (young students will need additional volunteers to help with the scavenger hunt) and High School Students

MENU can include a 20-30 minute Interactive Crêpe making demonstration by Chef Nicole Arroyas Bernardo in French located in the Covent Garden Market Kitchen

Student Groups are welcome to ARRIVE, Mondays and Wednesdays at 9:00 am

Different arrival times must be approved by our team in order to accommodate

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Minimum of 18 students

Includes teacher if they are ordering food

5% discount is offered on groups of 50 or more

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$11.50 (inclusive of taxes and demonstration)

$10.75 (inclusive of taxes, NO DEMONSTRATION)

Add on a side of Frites with garlic Aioli or kale Caesar salad for $2.50 (inclusive of tax)

Normandy Crêpe
Mushrooms, bacon, chicken, cheese and Mornay sauce
Apple Caramel Crêpe
Caramelized apple, whip cream and caramel sauce
Nutella Crêpe
Nutella filled Crêpe with whip cream
Bacon Quiche
Bacon and four-year-old cheddar
Vegetarian Quiche
Roasted red pepper, spinach and brie

Any 1 French Almond Macarons
(students can go to the bakery and select their own macarons Flavour)

Iced Tea
Ginger Ale
Diet Coke
Water Bottle

Order Form Must be completed and submitted to minimum of 72 hours before arrival

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What to Expect,

Groups arrive and are welcomed through the main entrance of the Convent Garden Market (facing Talbot Street, below the Rotary Club Clock).

Larger groups of 25 or more will be split into either 2 or 3 groups.

Typical example of what to Expect

9:00 am Arrival to the Market

9:10 am Interactive Crêpe Demonstration (Chef Nicole will engage the students in French conversation followed by demonstrating how to make a  Crêpe, the students will be invited to try to to make a Crêpe themselves, then the Grand finale, a flambeed Crêpe Suzette.  The students will also be served a sample of the Crêpe Suzette).  Students will be given a recipe of the Crêpe suzette and are expected to fill in the ingredients of the Crêpe sauce recipe.

9:50 am Eating at our dining area on the main floor

10:30 am Scavenger Hunt in the Market

11:10 am Ready to board the bus!

Notes to Teacher: You are welcome to prepare your students for this trip by having them

  • Ask Chef Nicole questions in French related to her training or the food she will be preparing
  • Bring a pen or pencil


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