Wedding Cakes


Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice!


Step 1: Get Inspired!

Look through our gallery and pick designs you like, check out bridal magazines and look online!

Step 2: Sample our cake!

We ask that you come and pick up samples of our cakes to ensure that you are happy with the flavor and texture of our cakes!  Once you have sampled the cakes decide on the flavours that you like best.  We advise that you make a score sheet of 1-10 and score each cake as you go along.  If you decide you love our cake you can proceed with the next steps!

Step 3: Thoughts to Consider

-Are you serving your wedding cake as your dessert or later in the evening as a snack perhaps with your midnight table?

-There are many ways to reduce the cost of your wedding cake. You can have 1 or more of your tiers as “false” meaning they will be made to look like a real tier but will be Styrofoam.  By doing this you can get the “Look” you want at half the cost!

– You can also supplement your servings by using a slab cake to serve your guests.  Keep in mind if you are using the cake as your dessert, slab cakes are a great option because it will allow the caterer to have the cake slices cut and ready to serve at the right moment for dessert.

Are you planning on saving your top tier for your first anniversary or the birth of your first child?  Remember you will not include this tier as part of your servings.  We recommend that you choose a carrot or a chocolate cake for freezing as many types of custard to not hold up to long term freezing.  Click here to print our freezing instructions (PDF File?)

-Yes you can have different flavours!   It’s our pleasure to make our couple’s happy on their wedding day!   We do not charge extra for this service however we recommend that you limit the flavours to 2 or less to serve to your guests.  It can be confusing to your guests if there are too many choices.

-What look do you like?  Our wedding cakes are all finished with butter cream.  If you decide on any of the other options you will still have butter cream as the base and then we would lay the fondant right over the butter cream to ensure a smooth finish.

Step 4: Design your cake!

Our head chef and cake designer Nicole will meet with you personally and sketch your wedding cake right before your eyes!   You will receive a copy of your cake design once you book.  (Picture of sketches and realized cakes).

Step 5: Paying for and Booking your Cake

We recommend booking your cake as soon as possible!  We recommend at least six months to a year in advance; however call for availability.  We operate on a first come fist serve basis and only take a certain number of cakes per weekend.

We ask a non refundable deposit of 50% for all wedding cakes and the remainder due 2 weeks prior to your wedding.  As a convenience your final payment can be automatically withdrawn on a credit card or done by e-transfer.

Step 6: Delivery and Set up

We include delivery and set up on all cakes priced over $500 otherwise the cost is $50 within the London area. It is your responsibility to provide us with the flowers, cake topper and any ribbon that is required.  If you are having fresh flowers on your cake we ask that your florist leaves them beside the cake table and we will place them on the cake.

We do offer display stands that can accentuate your cake and give it an elegant look, please inquire with our chef on availability and pricing.






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