Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake Flavours

Strawberry Shortcake

Chiffon cake with Tahitian vanilla custard, strawberry preserve and fresh strawberries


Raspberry White Chocolate

Chiffon cake layered between raspberry crème patissière & white chocolate chunk butter cream


Carrot Cake

Irresistible carrot cake made with craisins not raisins, warmly spiced and layered with cream cheese icing


Coffees n’ Cream

Chiffon cake soaked with coffee cream, layered between vanilla custard and dusted with cocoa powder.


The Tuxedo

A mix of chocolate chiffon and vanilla chiffon cake layered with Tahitian vanilla pastry cream


Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

Chocolate chiffon cake layered with chocolate mousse and homemade raspberry preserve



Chocolate chiffon cake layered with rich chocolate ganache, rich, creamy and delicious



Tahitian vanilla chiffon cake with refreshing Lemon mousse




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